Data Subject Request

Business partners - ABB representatives, distributors, channel partners and other entrepreneurs whose business activities include buying and reselling ABB products or services
Candidate - candidate for a job position at ABB
Contractor / Former contractor - a third party contracted by ABB or its employee/contractor
Customer - recipient of service or goods provided by ABB
Employee / Former employee - internal employee of ABB or one of its subsidiary companies
Individuals under 16 - person who has not reached the age of 16
Prospective Customer - person with potential interest in ABB products or services
Related persons of current employees - employee next of kin
Vendor - a third party - a service or goods provider for ABB
Others - any other person not covered in the list above

Please choose the country, where the company responsible for processing your personal data is established. Please be advised, that your request will cover all ABB companies within the chosen country. If you wish to address the request to ABB entities in more than one country, please submit a separate request form for each of these countries.

Complaint - if you are not satisfied with the way ABB process your personal data you can submit a complaint. For this purpose please describe the circumstances giving rise to the complaint.
Correction of data - you may request immediate correction of inaccurate or incomplete personal data we hold about you. For this purpose please elaborate, where you came across wrong data and how it should be corrected.
Data deletion - you may request erasing your personal data when it is no longer needed, where applicable law obliges us to delete the data or the processing of it is unlawful. For this purpose please describe what sort of data should be removed and provide justification for removing the data.
Objection to processing of my data - you have the right to object to processing of your personal data where we rely on legitimate interests as the basis for such processing and your data protection rights outweigh reasoning for legitimate interests. For this purpose please provide what kind of processing you would like to object and justification for this objection.
Access request and data portability - you are entitled to ask ABB for an overview of personal data we hold about you or obtain a copy of it. For this purpose please describe, what kind of data or information you want to obtain. Additionally, you are also entitled to transfer your data to another entity. In such case please provide us with an information to whom your data should be transferred to.
Consent withdrawal - where ABB has asked for your consent to process personal data, you may withdraw your consent at any time. For this purpose please describe the processing operation, you wish to withdraw your consent for.
Do not sell my personal information - Opt-out of the sale of your personal information, definition: you have a r ighty to request ABB not to sell or share your personal data with our business partners. Note: applicable only to ABB customers, who are California residents (Country - United States of America; Region - United States of America [California])
Others - Please describe comprehensively your request Note: ‘applicable only for the requests related to your personal data which were not specified above, e.g., information about processing of your personal data, including information if your personal data are processed, the purpose of processing, where the data is stored and third parties to whom his personal data are trans-ferred in country or abroad.’

We require you to create an account in order to efficiently and securely process your request. For example, if you have made a request for a copy of your data, registration will enable more expedient and secure delivery of your data. Please remember your password as we will not be able to reset it.

Your account will be deleted automatically one month after the completion of your last request submitted through this system.

Please make sure that the password has: at least 8 characters, at least one lower and one upper case character, at least one number and at least one special character

Identity confirmation

Please note that ABB will not process your request unless we are sure that we are taking instructions from the owner of the personal data. In order to avoid any unauthorized actions regarding your personal data and to securely process this request we need to confirm your identity.

Please see the below

ABB Account

If your request concerns any account set up on ABB pages

please use the appropriate functionalities available to delete, access or correct your personal data by logging into your account. If this is not possible please submit your request using same e-mail address as used when setting up the account; additionally, please indicate what kind of account was created

Newsletter/mailing list

When your request concerns ABB mailing list/newsletter/subscription

To unsubscribe:
please click the unsubscribe button or use other option configured for resigning; if it is not possible please submit the request using same e-mail address as used when subscribing and indicate what newsletter it is (e.g. please point out for us from which ABB e-mail address you received notifications).

Other action:
please submit the request using same e-mail address as used when subscribing and indicate what newsletter it is (e.g. please mention from which e-mail address you received notifications).

In other cases, if you are:

please use the appropriate functionalities available in the ABB eRecruitment portal to delete, access or correct your data; if it is not possible please submit the request using same e-mail address as used when setting up your account;

Current employee/contractor

please use in your request the e-mail address with ABB’s domain or attach a copy of your badge;

Former employee

please provide us with a copy of any document confirming former employment relation with ABB e.g. employment certificate, termination letter; or if not possible, a safe scan of your ID document*;

Customer/Prospective Customer

please provide us with your e-mail address/phone number used when contacting ABB or information about purchased goods/services and approximate date when it took place;

Business Partner/Supplier

please provide us with a copy of any business correspondence with ABB or submit a request using the same e-mail address that was used previously to contact ABB; or if not possible, a safe scan of your ID document*;

Other categories than listed above

Please provide the requested details and we will contact you individually in order to select the most appropriate way to verify your identity.

Please note that depending on the circumstances of your request, ABB reserves the right to ask for additional information allowing us to confirm your identity to the extent necessary, including requesting a document confirming your identity.

*In case you provide us with a document as an attachment, please remove any specific document number and photograph from the copy. You can do it by using a secure ID scan application e.g. KopieID or just make a copy of your ID and redact all information that is not needed (like ID number/ photo).

File type restriction - PDF
File size restriction - 5 MB

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